Stories from the Shelter: Wilah

This week, we speak to the big sister of the team at Transition Plus, Kak Wilah!

In the final segment of Stories from the Shelter, a series featuring the people behind Transition Plus, we meet the big sister of the team, Kak Wilah! 💪 A decision to make a career change set Wilah on a journey at Transition Plus, which pushed her beyond boundaries and changed her outlook on life. Read on to find out her story!

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    “After working at a Family Service Centre for 17 years, I felt that it was finally time for a change. That’s why I joined Transition Plus. And it has certainly been such an eye-opener! For one, it has made me realise that homelessness is not always as simple as just needing shelter - oftentimes, the issues involved are far more complex, and often include family and financial problems.”
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    “I love travelling and exploring new places, while doing a bit of good at the same time! When I went to Cambodia two years ago, I distributed rations to residents in need. That's my dream – to continue making a difference as I travel around the world, even after I retire! Similar to my travel adventures, my journey in Transition Plus so far has given me the opportunity to support the community in new ways, while also broadening my perceptions.”
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    “The most rewarding moment for all of us at Transition Plus is when tenants get discharged and find a home - when that happens, you'll hear the whole office cheering in celebration! We may be a small team, but that doesn’t stop us from doing great things. Our combined passion for helping those in need enables us to overcome any challenge that comes our way.” *photo taken before COVID-19
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    “Ultimately, my wish is to for homelessness to end, but I know that's not that simple. More people need to understand that the issue of homelessness is very real here, and they should not take what they have for granted. Be thankful for what you have - and give back in the ways that you can, to support those who need a bit of help to get back on their feet.”

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