#InMyKampung: Mdm Suriah

There's more than meets the eye to this mom's kitchen creations!

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Mdm Suriah’s food may be a feast for the eyes and tastebuds, but there’s more than meets the senses to the creations from her home-based food business.
“I’ve worked in F&B since I was 14, and have more than 13 years of experience,” she shares. Although she had to give up her career to care for her six children, Mdm Suriah was unable to let go of her love for cooking. Her husband also struggled to support their family as the sole breadwinner, which led her to start 6A's Kitchen during the pandemic to help make ends meet.
Besides cooking, Mdm Suriah is also passionate about caring for her community. The 36-year-old devotes a big part of her busy schedule to supporting the less-fortunate, which includes assisting social service agencies with distributing donated groceries.
“There are times where people find it tough to survive for even a day – I’ve been in that situation myself, so I understand,” she shares. Having faced homelessness and great hardships, the Ang Mo Kio FSC beneficiary found support from those around her, and has since found personal growth and solace in helping the community.
With her own business in tow, Mdm Suriah has also given back by sharing her skills. Recently, she spoke at a talk organised by Ang Mo Kio FSC about her experiences in starting a home-based business, and took a few new proteges under her wing. “One was disheartened that her brownies weren’t getting orders, so I welcomed her to my kitchen and taught her more unique desserts, even putting one of her items onto my business page!”
Mdm Suriah often shares her recipes with budding entrepreneurs, but she isn’t afraid of being copied or outsold. Similarly, she has no reservations when it comes to helping the disadvantaged: “Some become sceptical when they try to do good things and encounter dishonesty, but here’s the thing – when you do anything, be sincere and give with your whole heart, regardless of the intentions of others.”
At the end of the day, Mdm Suriah believes that kindness is inherent in most people, and is hopeful for a more caring society in future. “You don’t need to have a lot to help – see, heroes don’t always wear capes,” she muses. “Just don’t be afraid and go for it!”

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