#InMyKampung: Fazeli

Fazeli is more than just your average food delivery rider 🏍️

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Fazeli is more than just your average food delivery rider 🏍️
Beyond day-to-day food deliveries, he plays a special role in bringing a piece of the community to isolated residents in Ang Mo Kio by delivering groceries, food and festive goodies to their doorsteps during the COVID-19 pandemic
But this wasn’t always the case. “I didn’t really care much about others in the past”, he says. “I did many wrong things, and I was an ‘enemy’ of the community.” However, everything changed when one kind gesture sparked a new chapter of his life.
“My wife and I were in a tough situation – no work, no money, no plans for the future. One day, we were standing outside our rental flat thinking of how to cope with our situation when two strangers approached us and asked: do you need anything?”, he shares.
Feeling rather spiteful at this untimely question, Fazeli responded with a lengthy list of items his family needed. Little did he know the two ladies would return the next day with all (yes, all) the items that he had requested for!
“I was moved by their sincerity towards helping an undeserving person like me without even knowing me or asking for anything in return,” he confesses. “From then on, I made it my goal to help others just like how they helped me.”
Today, Fazeli supports the community through more than just deliveries. As a key member of AMKFSC’s 414 Community Hub, he actively leads initiatives and events for the residents such as the Iftar Community Event which inspired his daughter and other residents to come on board too.
This father-of-five also helps to teach martial arts as his way of helping children in the neighbourhood learn self-discipline and respect. “These are important values that I hope will prevent the young from walking down a similar path as me,” he explains. “I’m also working towards becoming a registered instructor so that I can reach more at-risk children and youth.”
With his passion to inspire the next generation, Fazeli hopes to become “the mentor that [he] never had growing up”. And as he serves the community and shares about his journey, he continues to grow into a more caring and selfless person each day.
While some may still judge him based on his appearance and past, Fazeli refuses to let naysayers get in the way. “You don’t need a reason to help someone,” he says. “You’ll never know how a little help can go a long way – I’ve been there, I would know.”
#InMyKampung 🏠 explores the inspiring stories of everyday people like Fazeli whose lives have changed as they lead community initiatives to ensure their neighbours do not fall through the cracks.
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