#InMyKampung: Mdm Rani

Read the story of a woman with a big heart and big hopes for the community!

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When one first speaks to Mdm Rani, it is hard to imagine that she has been facing financial troubles and family problems.
Jovial, candid and warm, chatting with the 59-year-old feels almost like meeting a favourite aunt whom one hasn’t seen in years.
“I face a lot of stress,” Mdm Rani reveals. “When my husband drinks, he creates many problems, and doesn’t contribute to the family.” Due to long-term health issues, she is unable to find work and remains unemployed. With two teenage children, the family struggles to cope both financially and emotionally.
As a client of Ang Mo Kio FSC, Mdm Rani was introduced by her social worker to the community work initiatives under AMKFSC Community Services, and found a way to alleviate stress by doing what she loves most: making new friends and helping others. Today, she is an active participant at 414 Community Hub, which fosters resident-led initiatives to create a community of mutual care.
Having just received her second Covid-19 vaccination at the time of our chat, Mdm Rani could barely contain her excitement in going back to doing community work. It’s easy to see why - community work has helped her to discover new strengths, giving her confidence and purpose. Known as an amazing cook in her community, Mdm Rani contributes recipes to distribute together with fresh groceries to needy families, as part of the Project Pilih Pilih initiative to promote healthy eating.
“I also attend meetings [at 414 Community Hub], where we work on projects for our residents,” Mdm Rani says. She reminisces about the time when the team collaborated to create a T-Shirt for the community: “We made some decisions, and it turned out so nice – I was so proud of myself, seeing how happy the people were wearing it!”
Despite the ongoing challenges in her life, Mdm Rani is motivated, driven and filled with ideas to create greater change for her community. “I’m looking forward to having a space where more residents can gather, share their problems, makan, relax… I see many people who are lonely, and we can take the first step with a welcoming hand.”
#InMyKampung 🏠 explores the inspiring stories of everyday people like Mdm Rani whose lives have changed as they lead community initiatives to ensure their neighbours do not fall through the cracks.
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