#InMyKampung: Lynn

Counsellor, mommy, adik, veteran, and even Miss Universe - get to know the woman with many monikers!

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Counsellor, mommy, adik (Malay for young child), veteran, and even Miss Universe 👑 – from her the many monikers her neighbours call her, it’s easy to tell that Lynn is the heart and soul of the block she lives in, and the impact she has made in her 30 years of residence in Ang Mo Kio.
“It’s because I smile and wave to everyone,” Lynn laughs as she explains her pageant queen nickname. However, life has not been easy for the affable 55-year-old.
Unemployed for more than 10 years due to a chronic condition that rendered her medically unfit for work, the single mother and sole caregiver is a beneficiary with Ang Mo Kio FSC, and relies on financial aid to support herself and her special-needs daughter.
Despite this, her positive energy shines through, even as she shares her adversities. “I’m grateful to be at the receiving end of support, but I feel better being the giver,” she says. “I can’t contribute financially, but I contribute emotionally and physically.”
Sincere and empathetic, Lynn and her home have been a source of solace for many, from kids coming over to play, to neighbours sharing their problems, and even elderly residents asking for help with remembering how to pray. Knowing her neighbourhood like the back of her hand became a strength her social worker saw potential in.
Lynn now works with the FSC and 414 Community Hub on asset-mapping, which helps to identify the circumstances and attributes of the residents in the area, to better create an ecosystem of mutual support. “Many don’t know how to reach out for help, but because they know me, they are more open, unlike dealing with professionals,” she explains.
Lynn’s hopes for her community include starting a floor-based system of well-being check-ins in her block, as well as using asset-mapping to identify more accurately the rations needed by different residents. For now, Lynn is happy to be there when her neighbours need her. “Nicknames aside, I just want to be known as a humble person who is a pillar of strength,” she declares.
#InMyKampung 🏠 explores the inspiring stories of everyday people like Lynn who continue to make a positive impact in the community so that vulnerable groups do not fall through the cracks.
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