#InMyKampung: Jeraldine

Jeraldine may be young in age but what she lacks in years, she makes up for in spirit. 💪⚡

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Jeraldine may be young in age but what she lacks in years, she makes up for in spirit. 💪⚡
As an intern-turned-volunteer at AMKFSC, this fresh graduate is no stranger to the world of community work.
Outside her full-time job at a non-profit nursing home, Jeraldine spends most of her free time supporting vulnerable families in achieving their goals as part of AMKFSC’s pilot community project. “It doesn’t matter how late it is or how far I have to travel – I’ll still find time to help,” she shares.
With a passion like this, it’s hard to imagine that Jeraldine once used to be a very “bo-chap” (indifferent) person. “I used to stereotype people based on how they look,” she confesses. “But getting to know the residents at 414 Community Hub has made me more empathetic towards people whose situations I may not fully understand.”
This budding passion first started when Jeraldine participated in a youth community project a few years ago. Since then, her heart for the vulnerable has only continued to grow.
Introverted by nature, Jeraldine admits that she doesn’t usually participate in many social activities. But everything’s different when it comes to community work – she’s no longer her introverted self but an outgoing leader that takes the initiative to interact with residents.
“I’ve actually been rejected by the residents quite a few times,” she says. “But it all becomes worth it when I manage to get through to them! For instance, I was able to befriend an elderly couple who then began to greet me every time I walked past 414 Community Hub.”
Moments like these keep Jeraldine positive and motivated, even when she faces initial rejection. To her, the joys of community work come from being able to put a smile on residents’ faces and interact with them as if she is part of their community.
Having witnessed how AMKFSC’s 414 Community Hub has become a second home for isolated residents, Jeraldine is a strong advocate for building communities that give these individuals a sense of belonging.
“My eventual goal is to propose policies that can help create a more caring and inclusive society,” she shares. “But for now, I hope to become a voice for the vulnerable while empowering my generation to do the same.”
#InMyKampung 🏠 explores the inspiring stories of everyday people like Jeraldine who continue to make a positive impact in the community so that vulnerable groups do not fall through the cracks.
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