#InMyKampung: Lydia

Read about one woman's mission to activate the spirit of giving!

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Once upon a time, Lydia was the kind of person who knew nothing about the area she lived in. “If you asked me what I knew about my neighbourhood then,” she shares, “I could only tell you how to walk from my home to the market!”
Today, the mother-of-four is a far cry from the clueless resident she once was – all thanks to her newfound passion for community work. After losing his job during the pandemic, Lydia’s husband struggled to support the family by doing deliveries, leading her to seek financial support at AMKFSC Community Services.
There, Lydia was introduced to the agency’s community work initiatives. “I was first approached to prepare cookies for an event at 414 Community Hub, and it opened my eyes to a whole new world,” the effervescent 32-year-old says. This opportunity sparked something in her, which developed into a long-term dedication to helping neighbours who were less fortunate.
Through this experience, Lydia discovered two things about herself: that she loves working as a team, and is also an excellent communicator. “Last time, I didn’t talk to anyone – now, I talk to everyone! Even all the uncles and aunties tell me stories,” she jokes.
Together with fellow residents, Lydia regularly coordinates distribution drives and mobilises neighbours to support these efforts. Most importantly, she bridges the gaps between service providers and disadvantaged residents as she now knows the community like the back of her hand. “We help expedite the support that is given to residents and bring in different resources to find partners that can best meet their needs,” Lydia shares.
While Lydia’s financial situation has improved, she is nonetheless grateful for the support she received and the opportunities availed to her during tough times. “Caring for your own family is one thing but seeing others in similar struggles brings out your compassion,” she reflects. “Of course, you could always help by donating but doing the groundwork gives you greater fulfillment.”
#InMyKampung 🏠 explores the inspiring stories of everyday people like Lydia who continue to make a positive impact in the community so that vulnerable groups do not fall through the cracks.
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