#InMyKampung: Yati

Find out how Yati inspires her daughters as a strong single mother with a passion to help the community! 

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As a food delivery rider, Yati is used to delivering meals to people’s homes for a living. But did you know that this beneficiary of Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre voluntarily “delivers” meals and other items even when she’s off work too?
It all started when Yati decided to distribute unused food rations and donated items to less privileged residents in her neighbourhood. Since then, her one-off gesture of kindness has become an ongoing passion project to distribute donated items to others in her community.
Yati attributes her natural inclination towards helping others to her biggest idol and role-model – her late mother. “It runs in my blood,” she says. “When I was younger, my mom would always help others whenever she could. This inspired me to do the same.”
It’s therefore no surprise that Yati strives to become a role-model that her daughters can look up to. But with her cheerful smile and chirpy spirit, it’s easy to forget that this single mother-of-two faces her own set of challenges at home.
“As the sole breadwinner, there are times when we still struggle to make ends meet,” Yati admits. “But there’s always someone out there that could be having it worse, so why not help them in any way I can?”
While Yati is grateful to have a job that pays the bills, she is convinced that the feeling she gets from helping others is one that money can’t buy. In fact, she claims that helping others has not only opened her eyes to the outside world but has also opened her heart to the needs of others.
Born and bred in Ang Mo Kio, Yati knows the neighbourhood like the back of her hand. But what she looks forward to the most is contributing towards AMKFSC Community Services’ upcoming community space in her neighbourhood.
“I first heard about this opportunity through my social worker,” she says. “My immediate response was to sign up, of course!” Yati hopes that the new space will become a platform for neighbours to get to know each other and make new friends, just like the “good old days”.
As a single mother who was once homeless, Yati hopes to use her experiences as an encouragement to others – whether it’s lending a listening ear to at-risk youth, creating a safe space for isolated residents to seek help, or being a friend to those in need.
While Yati never expected for her actions to go noticed, she is encouraged to know that her passion to serve the community has inspired her godsisters to do the same.
“I would never have discovered this passion if I didn’t start in the first place,” she says. “Just try it out for yourself and you’ll know what I mean.”
#InMyKampung 🏠 explores the inspiring stories of everyday people like Yati who continue to make a positive impact in the community so that vulnerable groups do not fall through the cracks.
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