#FindingTheWE: Rizqah

Can digital access affect the way we study, work, learn, and live?

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Meet 10-year-old Rizqah, one of three siblings living in a rental flat with her mom. Working and studying from home during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in Rizqah’s family struggling to cope with the lack of digital devices at home.
Having to rely on her parents’ laptop meant that Rizqah’s learning was often interrupted when her parents needed it for work or online learning. Even home-based learning (HBL) became a challenge because she had to share the laptop with her siblings who needed it for their schoolwork too.
A hardworking student by nature, this was disruptive to Rizqah’s studies as she was unable to complete her schoolwork online or engage meaningfully in home-based learning without her own laptop.
She also missed out on educational activities organised by her studentcare centre, as her family had to prioritise the laptop for more “urgent” needs such as work or HBL.
Thankfully, Rizqah’s family managed to loan an additional device from her studentcare centre when HBL was at its peak. However, it soon had to be returned when physical lessons resumed, leaving her family with a single shared laptop again.
While Rizqah hopes that studying hard can help find a good job in the future, she is uncertain of what this would look like for her, especially as online learning becomes the new normal.

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