#KidsTheseDays: Ella

Read about this budding Picasso’s journey in overcoming her struggles, and the dreams she holds today.

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"Hi, my name is Ella, and I'm 9 years old! 👋
When I was younger, I kept moving homes – one moment I was with my mommy, then at the girls’ home, and then with grandma before moving back with mommy again. It was like a roller coaster, and I felt lost.
So when I first came to Spright Academy, I was always angry and threw tantrums. I fought with my friends and took their stuff… and I REALLY did not like to say sorry.
The thing is, I really like spending time with my friends. My teacher calls this being “sociable”! Sometimes, I’m too mischievous and get into trouble, but coming to Spright Academy made me realise that I it’s important to be good and to study well.
Nowadays, I feel happier – I love my current family, and my mom is my hero! I enjoy doing activities at Spright Academy as well, there are many colour pencils, markers, and materials for me to draw. My dream is to be a famous artist, with my artworks displayed at big galleries and loved by all.
I’m also happy to have friends and teachers at Spright Academy who are always there. I no longer have to feel out-of-place at new places, and I look forward to playing with friends and eating the yummy food prepared by auntie. Even with Covid(-19), we get to do fun activities with volunteers online!
But of course, the best part of my day is after I finish my homework, when my teacher will let me have some art time. No one can even guess what I’ll draw next! 😜
#KidsTell is a series where we invite our Spright Academy students to tell us about their challenges, strengths, and dreams in their own words. Have a read and you might even learn a thing or two from our #KidsTheseDays!
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