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Youth Infinity

Set up in 2006, Youth Infinity (YI) complements the agency's core functions and services by providing preventive, developmental and remedial programmes for youths aged between 11 and 21 in the community.

Youth Infinity aims to work with youths and their families to unleash their hidden potential, and support them towards overcoming challenges such as mental health struggles, substance use, sexuality issues, offending behaviours and family relationship issues.

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Youth participating in a YI programme

Programmes & Services

Integrated Service Provider

Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU) Programme

Enhanced Step-Up is a 12-month casework and counselling programme for students at risk of dropping out of school and youths who are out of school. Issues explored in the sessions with the youths and parents include underage smoking, negative peer influence, mental health, and vocational training.


The Triage system aims to assist in the early identification and diversion of youth offenders from the criminal justice system for upstream work. The Triage Officer will conduct an interview with the youths and their parents to assess their risk of re-offending and identify their support systems to determine appropriate intervention. The triage interview also serves as a touch point for early detection of social issues faced by the family.

Theft Intervention Programme (TIP)

Theft Intervention Programme is a 4-month specialised treatment group programme for youths who committed repeated theft offences. This programme aims to address the youths’ theft behaviours by increasing their empathy towards the victims of their behaviours and intrinsic motivation to remain a theft-free lifestyle.

Guidance Programme (GP)

Guidance Programme is a 6-month pre-court diversionary programme for youth offenders who have committed minor offences. Those who complete the programme are given a warning in lieu of court prosecution. The programme aims to help the youth offender make the right choices for a crime-free lifestyle.

Guidance Programme-PAST (GP-PAST)

The GP-PAST programme is a supplementary programme designed for low-risk youth aged 12 to 18 years who have committed sexual offences. The programme builds upon the core modules of Guidance Programme with addition of offence-specific modules to target risk factors associated with sexual offending.

Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES)

Youth Enhanced Supervision is a 6-month structured programme for first-time youth drug offenders aged below 21. These youths are required to attend regular counselling and family sessions in addition to their urine supervision regime conducted by CNB.


Specialised Programmes

Post Care Support Service

This programme is catered to support youths from Singapore Girls’ Home for a smoother transition and better reintegration back into the community after their discharge from the Home. Social Workers continue to support these youths to address issues such as family conflicts, education pathways, peer relationships and substance use after their discharge.


Youth Sexuality

YOUth matters, a sexuality programme for at-risk youths under the Health Promotion Board (HPB), aims to:

  • Equip youths with life skills to make informed decisions concerning sex.
  • Raise awareness of STIs/HIV and pregnancy prevention amongst youths.
  • Influence youths to adopt less permissive attitudes towards casual sex.
  • Encourage youths to practice abstinence and/or secondary virginity.


Academic Support Programme (ASP)

Academic Support Program (ASP) is an online academic coaching programme offered to youths between Primary 5 to Secondary 5. Volunteers guide youths on a one-to-one basis weekly, to supplement their learnings from school. ASP aims to provide a safe space for youths to learn at their pace, to increase confidence in managing academic challenges.

Club Infinity

Club Infinity is a membership platform to engage youths in the community. With the guidance of our staff and volunteers, youths get the opportunity to discover more about themselves. Club Infinity adopts Positive Youth Development (PYD) framework in the programme planning and evaluation to support the youths to achieve the 6 qualities of PYD namely, competence, connection, confidence, character, caring and contribution. Learn more about Club Infinity's upcoming events here.

Project Befriending and Mentoring (B.A.M)

Project B.A.M is a youth befriending programme that aims to actively engage youths with the support of volunteers to mentor and guide them to overcome their challenges and inculcate positive life and social skills in youths.





Run collaboratively by Youth Infinity and Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre, Heartship is an art programme that provides youths with a safe environment for self-expression and identity exploration. Heartship aims to foster a sense of mastery in youths through the creation of art pieces with different art mediums that encapsulate their emotions, experiences, relationships, beliefs, values, and memories.


Youths try archery at Club Infinity
Arts and crafts at Club Infinity
Youths enjoying football at Club Infinity

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