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Youth Infinity

Set up in 2006, Youth Infinity (YI) is the youth work centre under AMKFSC and caters to the needs of youths between the ages of 11 and 21. It complements the agency's core functions and services by providing preventive, developmental and remedial services for youths in the community.

YI aims to work with youths to unleash their hidden potential, as well as with their families to enhance relationships with their family members. It provides services including casework and counselling, school social work, Club Infinity and programmes targeting at first-time youth drug offenders, children with incarcerated parents, and children and youths whose parents are suffering from mental health issues.

Youth participating in a YI programme


Integrated Service Provider

Enhanced STEP-UP (ESU) Programme

YI provides casework and counselling services to youths at risk of dropping out of or with school attendance issues, and those out of school or have not attended school for long periods. Staff identify at-risk behaviours such as underaged smoking, negative peer influence and mental health issues such as gaming addiction and social anxiety.

Guidance Programme (GP)

GP is a pre-court diversionary programme for youth offenders, who have committed minor offences, or have low level of involvement in an offence, to attend the programme in lieu of prosecution. The programme aims to help the youth offender make the right choices for a crime-free lifestyle. Caseworkers are involved in guiding the youth in making pro-social decisions, be meaningfully engaged, and manage peer relations/stress positively.


Triage is a system that assists in the early identification and diversion of youth offenders from being institutionalised for upstream work. Caseworkers recommend suitable programmes for youth offenders based on YLS/CMI:SV and provide timely intervention to offender and/or family regardless of the outcome of the police investigation.

Theft Intervention Programme (TIP)

TIP is a specialised programme for youths who have committed repeated theft offences. Attitudes, values and beliefs that support stealing behavior will be addressed in the programme, and youths will also be equipped with relevant skills to stop theft offending and be engaged in pro-social activities.

Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES)

MSF appointed YI as a service provider for Youth Enhanced Supervision (YES), which works with first-time drug offenders between 13 and 21 years old. Each youth placed under YES has to attend at least eight individual counselling sessions and 10 group work sessions in six months.


Yellow Brick Road (YBR)

Youth participating in a YI programme

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) is a pilot project with Singapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises (SCORE) to reach out to children, between the ages of seven and 12, and families with parents who are incarcerated, to support and address the issues that parents, caregivers and children face due to the incarceration of a loved one.

Gateway Issues

Youth Sexuality

YOUth matters, a sexuality programme for at-risk youths under the Health Promotion Board (HPB), aims to:

  • Equip youths with life skills to make informed decisions concerning sex.
  • Raise awareness of STIs/HIV and pregnancy prevention amongst youths.
  • Influence youths to adopt less permissive attitudes towards casual sex.
  • Encourage youths to practice abstinence and/or secondary virginity.

Youth Smoking Cessation

BraveSteps Smoking Cessation Group Work is a smoking cessation programme for smoking youths aged 13 to 16 years old. BraveSteps aims to:

    • Increase awareness on the impact of smoking on their health, finances and social life.
    • Increase motivation to lead a smoke-free lifestyle.
    • Influence youths to adopt less permissive attitudes towards casual sex.
    • Equip with the necessary skills and techniques to quit smoking.

Through Smoking Cessation Counselling, YI also focuses on important people, such as parents and friends, in the lives of youth smokers. Helping youths tap on people around them during their cessation efforts increases their chances of success.

Club Infinity

Club Infinity is a youth membership programme to engage youths and promote the development of youths' competence, character, confidence, connection and compassion. Some activities organised by YI include:

Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a youth talent group, comprising of those interested in photography, arts and crafts, singing and songwriting. It allows youths to express themselves through different art modalities and opportunities to showcase their skills at various agency and community events.

Sports Outreach

Sports Outreach provides an avenue for members to bond and have fun, and for youths to be connected to YI. Through various sports programmes, youths pick up values, such as sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership, which they can apply in their everyday life.

Group Work and Workshops

Focus groups are organised to address developmental issues, including self-esteem, leadership, relationships and communication with family members, which youths face.

Youths enjoying football at Club Infinity
Youths try archery at Club Infinity
Arts and crafts at Club Infinity

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