What We Do


Launched in October 2021 as part of the nationwide Strengthening Families Programme rolled out by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), FAM@FSC (AMKFSC - Ang Mo Kio) brings together support services and programmes for families and marriages facing early signs of stress, as well as our divorce support services into a holistic platform to meet the needs of families in our community.

Our objectives

FAM@FSC (AMKFSC - Ang Mo Kio) aims to alleviate family conflicts and distress, as well as strengthen familial relationships and functioning. It also provides support to families and children who are affected by divorce, to help them achieve greater stability and resilience.

Who do we serve?

We primarily serve families residing in the Ang Mo Kio and Yishun. Families should also have at least one immediate member who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

Our services

  1. Family Counselling
  2. Services to support families, children and individuals with:
    1. Marital problems
    2. Poor parent-child relationships
    3. Parenting/co-parenting challenges
    4. Child-behavioural issues
  1. Divorce Support
  2. Services to support divorcing or newly-divorced parents and their young children with:
    • Divorce support counselling
      • To help couples make an informed decision on divorce, and process any unresolved grief and loss in themselves and their young children arising from the separation. It also helps to address co-parenting conflicts and to mitigate the impact of divorce on their children.
    • Children-in-Between groupwork programme
      • The groupwork programme aims to equip the parents and children with better coping strategies to address the impact of divorce on children and on their co-parenting relationship. The programme covers strategies to resolve parental conflicts, ways to better understand the needs of children in divorce situations, and means of equipping children with better psychosocial and emotional skills.
    • Supervised Exchange & Supervised Visitation services (*Referrals are only accepted from the Family Justice Court with a court order)
      • This aims to help highly acrimonious couples manage difficulties over child access matters. It provides a safe platform for children who express strong reluctance and discomfort about meeting their access parent. Workers help by mitigating distrust and working on complex family dynamics.
    • Mandatory Parenting Programme (*Please approach MSF or your divorce lawyer for registration)
      • The programme is a one-time consultation session for parents with children aged below 21, who are divorcing under the Women’s Charter and are unable to agree on divorce or ancillary matters at the point of filing for divorce. It is designed to encourage divorcing couples to make informed decisions that prioritise the well-being of their children.
    • Support group for divorced parents

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