Ang Mo Kio FSC

Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre operates from two locations in the Kebun Baru and Yio Chu Kang Constituencies and support residents facing personal and family-related issues. Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre serves the needs of the community through various core services:

Casework and Counselling

Our trained social workers and counsellors support individuals and families residing in our community who are facing financial, marital, parenting, as well as other personal and family-related issues and life challenges.

Using a teams-based approach, intervention strategies are devised by analysing case profile trends and connecting existing community assets within various clusters of rental housing.

Information and Referrals

We provide information on resources and help available to Singaporeans in need. Through our engagement with the residents, we identify and link them to vital services to support and meet their needs.

Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre serves residents living in the 100s, 200s, and 600s blocks within the Ang Mo Kio area.


Children participating in the Financial Literacy Workshop


Programmes at Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre believe in the individual, family and community's strengths and abilities. Through our programmes, we aim to empower individuals and families to dare to dream, make positive changes to their lives and pay it forward by contributing back to their community.

Adult Programme

Bluez Away is a collaboration between Ang Mo Kio FSC and MindCare, providing therapeutic and support groupwork for adult clients, aged 21 to 60 years old, suffering from episodes of low mood. The groupwork seeks to help participants achieve the objectives of enhancing their coping skills, gain insight in their mood low episodes, and enhance social support, leading to an improvement in quality of life and mood.

Children and Family Programme

Project HeARTship is a groupwork that uses art as a medium of expression for boys, aged 11 to 15 years old, who are in the identity formation and transitional stage from primary to secondary school. It aims to:

  • Build up social and emotional capital in young people
  • Provide a module for self-expression of their identity formation and developmental process through art making
  • Inspire young people on alternative career pathways
  • Empower young people to learn a skill and create their own pieces of art
Boys creating art
Exhibition of art pieces from Project Heartship

ROOTS (Retaining Our Origins; Transitioning to Singapore) is a programme catered to low-income bi-national families in the Ang Mo Kio community. This newly launched initiative consists of two components:

  1. Foreign Spouse Programme: To empower foreign spouses by exploring existing strengths brought over from their respective cultures, and further enhancing those strengths by developing skills needed for livelihood in Singapore.
  2. Children's Programme: To create a platform where they explore their identities and learn about different cultures through reading and games.

Engaging Communities

We engage the community in Ang Mo Kio through forging close relationships with residents and community partners, in order to harness resources to meet needs of the neighbourhoods.

Our team of professionals strive to serve the different neighbourhoods through a range of holistic community programmes and services that support and address issues within the community. Specially customised programmes also aim to strengthen and enhance cohesiveness within and across families.

Project Pilih Pilih

Project Pilih Pilih is a fresh food distribution project for low-income families to improve their access to healthy, nutritious food and increase their understanding of healthy eating.

The project taps on community stakeholders such as market vendors in the Ang Mo Kio community to donate a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, spices and fresh food. Through partnerships with medical and/or health professionals, families also learn about food nutrition, food awareness and affordable food choices.

Collaborative Community Squad

Ang Mo Kio FSC holds regular networking sessions with community stakeholders and partners to increase collaboration and communication to better serve and build a strong social safety net for the community.

Makeshift market set up in Ang Mo Kio FSC

Achieving Kids

Achieving Kids is a preventive and developmental programme for children, aged seven to 12 years old, living in vulnerable circumstances within the Ang Mo Kio community. It is delivered through a child-centric community work model that provides monitoring, outreach and programme (academic, literacy and socio-emotional) for children and their families. It aims to:

  • Support the cognitive development of children living in low-income households
  • Build social development capacities of children living in low-income households through socio-emotional learning
  • Enable children to learn and apply protective behaviours within the community
  • Strengthen the safety net for families living in low-income and vulnerable households in the community
  • Identify and mobilise children assets, and harness them for community development

Our range of services