Ang Mo Kio FSC

Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (FSC) operates from two locations in the Kebun Baru and Yio Chu Kang constituencies, and supports residents who face financial, socio-emotional, and family-related issues.

Ang Mo Kio FSC serves the needs of the community through various core services:

Information & Referrals

We provide information on resources and help available to Singaporeans in need. Through our engagement with the residents, we identify and link them to vital services to support and meet their needs.

Ang Mo Kio FSC serves residents living in the 100s, 200s, and 600s blocks within the Ang Mo Kio area.

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Casework & Counselling

Our trained social workers and counsellors support individuals and families residing in our community who are facing financial, marital, parenting, as well as other personal and family-related issues and life challenges.

Using a teams-based approach, intervention strategies are devised by analysing case profile trends and connecting existing community assets within various clusters of rental housing.

Children participating in the Financial Literacy Workshop

Ang Mo Kio FSC Programmes

Community Development Initiatives

We engage the community in Ang Mo Kio by forging close relationships with residents and community partners, in order to harness resources to meet needs of the neighbourhoods.

Our team of professionals strive to serve the different neighbourhoods through a range of holistic community programmes and services that support and address issues within the community. Specially customised programmes also aim to strengthen and enhance cohesiveness within and across families.

Project Pilih Pilih

Project Pilih Pilih is a fresh food distribution project for low-income families to improve their access to healthy, nutritious food and increase their understanding of healthy eating.

The project taps on community stakeholders such as market vendors in the Ang Mo Kio community to donate a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, spices and fresh food. Through partnerships with medical and/or health professionals, families also learn about food nutrition, food awareness and affordable food choices.

Pilih  Pilih2  

Collaborative Community Squad

Ang Mo Kio FSC holds regular networking sessions with community stakeholders and partners to increase collaboration and communication to better serve and build a strong social safety net for the community.

Mission Tilam

With a mission to improve the quality of sleep of children one bedspace at a time, Mission Tilam is a ground-up initiative to raise awareness on beneficiaries’ relationship with sleep. 

Conversations regarding sleep are initiated to gain insights about their relationship with sleep and explore possible areas of improvement. The Mission Tilam team journeys alongside families with children to implement healthy bedtime routines. Innovative psychoeducation materials and tools are used. To continuously stay relevant and updated on this topic, the team actively engages in practice research with beneficiaries and community stakeholders.

mission tilam   mission tilam 3

mission tilam 4  mission tilam 5  mission tilam 6

Central Cluster (Ang Mo Kio & Cheng San) Programmes


Programmes and Community Work run jointly by Ang Mo Kio and Cheng San Family Service Centres for residents of Ang Mo Kio Region.

Family Programmes

Bakery Hearts

Launched in 2010, Bakery Hearts is a programme that aims to provide women from low-income families with the opportunity to supplement their household income and prepare them for work.

Through partnership with various stakeholders, participants can acquire baking skills and social skills to enhance their self-confidence to seek employment.

BH photo 1  BH photo 2

Celebrating Mothers

Started in 2017, Celebrating Mothers groupwork supports single mothers who perform double parenting roles within the community.

Through the use of the narrative approach, the aim of the group work is to empower single mothers through:

  • Increasing their self-esteem
  • Acknowledge and utilize their strengths in overcoming life challenges
  • Mutual support

Women of Willpower (W.O.W.):

This group is made up of past alumni groupwork participants. This informal platform was created to help past alumni groupwork participants connect and support each other as well as to provide the opportunities to outreach to other single mothers in the community.

CM 1  CM2  

Project Stories

Started in April 2019, Project Stories hopes to enhance support for vulnerable persons - children, elderly and persons with disabilities, through sighting and regular engagement. The team led by social workers and consisting of social work assistants and associates, had provided regular engagement and support for 103 vulnerable persons.  

Project Stories has been awarded the Family Violence Dialogue Group Appreciation Award 202 and was featured as an innovative initiative at the Principal Social Workers’ (PSW) Webinar Virtual Exhibitions in the same year. 

Children & Youth Programmes

Achieving Kids

Achieving Kids and Kin is a preventive developmental programme which serves children between 7 and 12 years old. A safe space for children to build confidence, resilience, and leadership, and opportunities to contribute their skills and talents to the community.

This is achieved through 3 programmes:

  • Academic Coaching is a mentorship programme that supports children in achieving better academic results and build their interest in learning.
  • Reading Odyssey is a programme in collaboration with SHINE Children & Youth Services to build children’s interest and ability in reading.
  • iLead is a series of group work sessions that aim to build leadership and develop life skills in children, covering topics such as stress, emotions, coping strategies, and savings.

group photo 3 1 1

Project HeARTship

Project HeARTship is a groupwork that uses art as a medium of expression for boys, aged 11 to 15 years old, who are in the identity formation and transitional stage from primary to secondary school. It aims to allow the boys through art to:

  • Build up social and emotional capital in young people
  • Use of art making in figuring out who they are (self-identity formation)
  • Inspire young people on alternative career pathways
  • Empower young people to learn a skill and create their own pieces of art

Proj Heartship 1  Proj Heartship 2

Community Development Initiatives

414 Community Hub

Guided by the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach, 414 Community Hub is a place where residents living around Ang Mo Kio can come together to contribute their gifts and assets towards the well-being of their neighbourhood and towards supporting fellow residents who are vulnerable.

Through community participation and interdependence, residents strengthen their social support and networks, enabling the community to become more resilient and cohesive.

 There are currently a few platforms that residents contribute to:

  • Goodwill Lunch

    414 Goodwill Lunch

    This by-resident-for-resident platform brings together neighbours who go marketing, prepare, cook, set-up and clean-up together in order to share a meal with their fellow neighbours. Through helping and bonding over food, they get connected with fellow residents and through this trust-building process, naturally look out for each other in times of need.
  • Goodwill Sharing

    414 Residents making Dumplings  

    A platform where residents share their gifts, skills, and talents with fellow residents. This can be in the form of a cooking class, art and craft session, IT lessons to bridge the digital gap and whatever areas that residents are keen to know, teach or learn.

  • Gift and Take

    414 GiftTake

    A place where residents can gift and share pre-loved items that are in good condition with the community and those who might need them.  Through the process of gifting and receiving, residents build connections through an exchange of their life stories and motivations.

  • Goodwill Harvesting

    414 IMG 20210608 WA0009 1  414 CNY Oranges Distribution

    A platform where ground-up initiatives of residents are encouraged and "harvested" for the greater good of community life.  Residents are spurred to initiate, co-create and come together with fellow residents to work on ideas and projects they care about and are motivated to do for the well-being of their community.
643 Community Hub

As part of the proliferation of community building work and encouraging interdependence and mutual self-help among community members, 643 Community Hub is a community space that aims to provide platforms to mobilize beneficiaries as contributors to their own community, and acts as a catalyst to bridging social connections and enable grounds-up initiatives by community members to look out for the vulnerable in their neighbourhood, such as people who are isolated and children from high-risk families.

The following are some of the platforms that hope to enable contribution by residents and bridge social connections:

  • Sharing of Skills & Talents with the Community

    643 1  643 2
    This by-resident-for-resident platform brings together neighbours who go marketing, prepare, cook, set-up and clean-up together in order to share a meal with their fellow neighbours. Through helping and bonding over food, they get connected with fellow residents and through this trust-building process, naturally look out for each other in times of need.
  • Clothing Corner

    643 3

    In collaboration with residents and Uniqlo as a corporate partner, the Uniqlo corner aims to bridge the gap of access to clothes for low-income families through the giving away of preloved Uniqlo clothes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, resident volunteers also organized Facebook lives to distribute the Uniqlo clothing to their fellow neighbours who might benefit from the Uniqlo clothes.

  • Ground-up Resident-led Initiatives

    643 4  643 8

    Residents can also come together to co-create initiatives that contributes to the betterment of the neighbourhood.

    In Apr 2022, a group of residents, supported by staff, organized a Community Bazaar & Iftar during the month of Ramadhan. The Community Bazaar mobilised beneficiaries with home-based businesses to not only showcase and share their talents with other community members, but to market and generate income for their businesses. Community members also contributed to a potluck, coming together to break fast as a means of building relationships with neighbours.

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