Cheng San FSC

Cheng San Family Service Centre operates from two locations in the Cheng San and Teck Ghee Constituencies and support residents facing personal and family-related issues. Cheng San Family Service Centre serves the needs of the community through various core services:

Casework and Counselling

Our trained social workers and counsellors support individuals and families residing in our community who are facing financial, marital, parenting, as well as other personal and family-related issues and life challenges.

Information and Referrals

We provide information on resources and help available to Singaporeans in need. Through our engagement with the residents, we identify and link them to vital services to support and meet their needs.

Cheng San Family Service Centre serves residents living in the Ang Mo Kio blocks 300s, 400s, 500s and 700s.

Children particpating in a community theatre organised by Achieving Kids

Group Work

Achieving Kids (AK)

Achieving Kids and Kin (AK) is a preventive and developmental programme that serves children between seven and 12 years old, via a family-focused perspective, and mainly targets vulnerable families living in rental flats in Ang Mo Kio. AK hopes to collaboratively build resilience in children and their families, through the identification and amplification of skills and knowledge.

Bakery Hearts

Bakery Hearts hopes to provide women from low-income families with the opportunity to supplement their household income and prepare them for work. Through this programme, women are equipped with baking and social skills to empower them to re-enter the workforce.


Community Engagement

At Cheng San Family Service Centre, we believe in the power of ‘we’. In conducting outreach efforts to our community, we partner with various community partners such as RCs and the Teck Ghee Constituency's Meet-the-People Sessions to build a community of care for our clients and residents.

Our community work initiatives include networking, outreach, advocacy and harnessing community resources. We achieve this by assessing the collective needs of the community, while tapping on the available resources found to meet those needs.

The F'n'N Initiative

Launched in January 2017, the Families 'n' Neighbours (F'n'N) initiative is a collaborative programme where residents from identified vulnerable housing areas meet with social workers once a month to address and work on identified issues within the community.

To foster a stronger sense of neighbourliness in the rental block, the F'n'N ambassadors creatively tapped on the four ethnic festivals to reach out to their neighbours. They continue to find ways to sustain and increase volunteerism among residents, and work with Cheng San FSC to strengthen partnerships with different organisations and groups to carry out community-led initiatives.


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