Punggol FSC

Punggol Family Service Centre has established itself as centre ready to meet the needs of Punggol residents. Punggol FSC serves the needs of the community through various core services:

Information and Referrals

We provide information on resources and help available to Singaporeans in need. Through our engagement with the residents, we identify and link them to vital services to support and meet their needs.

Casework and Counselling

Our trained social workers and counsellors support individuals and families residing in our community who are facing financial, marital, parenting, as well as other personal and family-related issues and life challenges.

Besides casework and counselling services, Punggol FSC is also involved group work and community work. They are called “OHANA” and PGConnectz respectively.

OHANA (Group work)

“OHANA” means ‘family’ in Hawaiian, thus our groupwork emphasizes the importance of family as the basic unit of our society. Our centre runs a range of programmes to meet the developmental needs of young families and children.

OHANA is further divided into CAPE and FAME.

Children and Parents Empowered (CAPE)

CAPE targets families with young children through psychoeducational, goal-directed activities and therapeutic groupwork for children and parents/caregivers. CAPE currently runs two series of groupwork for different groups of children and caregivers:

  • Shining Series
  • Nurturing Emotionally Strong Tomorrow (NEST)

1. Shining Series


iShine is a befriending programme for children aged eight to 12 years old. iShine provides opportunities for children to interact with peers and adult mentors during thematic and experiential activities throughout the year over a series of 15 sessions.

Volunteers serve as adult mentors who act as positive role models for the children within the community. iShine helps children to enhance their interpersonal relationships and personal sense of identity.

Shining Caregivers

Shining Caregivers groupwork is targeted at caregivers of iShine Children. The groupwork consists of four sessions in the year. It aims to share parenting knowledge and skills on how to support and enhance the social and emotional development of their children.

Shining Families

Shining Families serves to give caregivers a chance to practice the knowledge they gain in Shining Caregivers while enhancing familial ties and strengthening parent-child relationship through shared experiences and positive interactions. Shining Families is held two to three times a year as family experiential activities or outings together.

2. Nurturing Emotionally Strong Tomorrow (NEST)

NEST is a new collaborative initiative by Punggol FSC, Sengkang FSC and Psychological Service Unit (PSU).

NEST consists of Little Brave Hearts, a therapeutic group work for children from multi-stressed families, and Big Brave Hearts, a psychoeducational group work for their parents. The group work will be conducted over a course of 10 sessions. The programme aims to enhance resilience of both parent and child, while empowering parents to be able to support their children in mitigating risks that they may face in their environment.

Little Brave Hearts

This programme will focus on helping children gain knowledge and practice skills to enhance their sense of mastery in the areas of emotional regulation, problem-solving and cognitive reframing, so that they can better manage their individual familial and life challenges. Through the structured joint parent-child components, the programme also hopes to increase children’s sense of relatedness by ensuring children have the capacity to reach out for support and in turn, receive support from their parents.

Big Brave Hearts

This groupwork is complementary to and held concurrently with Little Brave Hearts. Parents will learn similar knowledge and practice skills in the areas of emotional regulation, problem-solving and cognitive reframing. The goal is for parents to master these skills and to support their children in enhancing their psycho-socio-emotional well-being.

Female and Male Empowered (FAME)

The series of group work under FAME caters to male and females in couple relationships, as well as married couples, thereby providing holistic support to the families as a complete unit.

BLISS Group work

BLISS is a series of psycho-educational experiential group work for building couple emotional attachment. BLISS recognises the importance of a strong couple/marital subsystem in all family formations. Without which, as research has proven, it can have a detrimental psychological impact on their children and family functioning. Thus, BLISS aims to facilitate strengthening the foundations of couple relationships with the goal of achieving higher couple/marital satisfaction, which in turn strengthens the family unit as a whole.

From 2016, PGFSC has collaborated with Sengkang FSC to further outreach and benefit families in the Sengkang region.

Female Survivors Programme (FSP) – Project XENA

Project XENA is a therapeutic-support group for women who are survivors of extra-marital affairs (EMA). It aims to create a support network for these women and facilitate opportunities for shared learning in building resilience to overcome life challenges and to regain their confidence towards achieving independence.

Life Coaching For Men (LCM)

In 2016, Punggol FSC and Sengkang FSC collaborated and piloted LCM, a psychoeducational group work for men between 25 and 40 years old.

LCM aims to provide a platform for the participants to discuss topics pertaining to existential and relevant men’s issues such as ‘Being a Man in 2016’ and ‘Men and their Family’. Through this process, the participants can reframe their perspectives and cope more effectively with their life issues.

PGConnectz (Community Work)

PGConnectz is the community arm of Punggol FSC. Priding on its vision of “Our Happy Healthy Helpful Punggol Town”, PGConnectz aims to tap on the resources of residents and community partners to build a community that actively cares for its environment and the relationships in it.

In line with the Assets Based Community-driven Development (ABCD) framework, PGConnectz places a strong emphasis on community strengths and assets. In turn, the team hopes to identify and mobilize individual and community assets and skills as a bottom-up solution to address community needs.

The main activities of PGConnectz are networking, outreach, advocacy and harnessing community resources. This includes community walks to build resident’s awareness of Punggol FSC and to understand local strengths and needs. To add, community engagement through outreach and partnership with community organizations also features as an important component of the work by PGConnectz.

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