Punggol FSC

Punggol Family Service Centre (FSC) has established itself as a centre ready to meet the needs of Punggol residents.

Punggol FSC serves the needs of the community through various core services:

Information & Referrals

We provide Singaporeans in need with ready information on the available resources and avenues they can go to for help. Through our engagement with residents on the ground, we identify and link them up with vital services to better meet their needs.

Casework & Counselling

Our trained social workers and counsellors support individuals and families residing in the Punggol community through their financial, marital, parenting, or other personal and family-related issues and life challenges.

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Besides casework and counselling services, Punggol FSC also provides opportunities for group work and community work through "OHANA" and PGConnectz, respectively. 

Group Work: OHANA

Just like how “OHANA” means ‘family’ in Hawaiian, our group work emphasises on the importance of family as the basic unit of our society. Our centre runs a range of programmes to meet the developmental and emerging needs of young families and children. In OHANA, we aim to:

  • Provide opportunities for children to build resilience and enhance their social and emotional development through thematic and experiential activities
  • Empower children’s ability to connect with each other to strengthen interpersonal relationships
  • Enhance children’s knowledge and skills on overcoming challenges they face arising from non-normative events
  • Build communication and connection to improve parent-child relationships
  • Enhance parenting knowledge and skills on how to support and enhance the social and emotional development of their children

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Community Work: PGConnectz

PGConnectz is the community development arm of Punggol FSC. Priding a vision of “Our Happy Healthy Helpful Punggol Town”, PGConnectz aims to tap on the resources of residents and community partners to build a community that actively cares for its environment and the relationships within it.

In line with the Assets-Based Community Development (ABCD) framework, PGConnectz places a strong emphasis on community strengths and assets. In turn, the team hopes to identify and mobilise individual and community assets and skills as a bottom-up solution to address community needs.

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The main activities of PGConnectz are networking, outreach, advocacy and volunteer development. This includes community walks to build residents' awareness of Punggol FSC and understanding of local strengths and needs. In addition, community engagement through outreach and partnerships with community organisations is also an important component of the work by PGConnectz.

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Building a community of care

At Punggol FSC, we believe in collaborating with various stakeholders in the community to strengthen, leverage on, or expand existing assets and resources to meet the diverse needs within the Punggol community. These stakeholders include partner agencies, other service providers, volunteers and residents. 

Look out for our upcoming revamped versions of OHANA and PGConnectz programmes,  as well as other events and projects, where you can play a part in co-creating a Happy, Healthy and Helpful Punggol community!

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