Sengkang FSC

Sengkang FSC aims to support and strengthen individuals and families residing or employed within Sengkang estate through providing casework and counselling service and support programmes focusing on strengthening families and community bonds.

Sengkang FSC @ Blk 206B is an extension to the main FSC located at Blk 223D. It is established to cater to the increasing community needs of the Sengkang estate.

Sengkang Family Service Centre serves the needs of the community through various core services:

Casework and Counselling

Our trained social workers and counsellors support individuals and families residing in our community who are facing financial, marital, parenting, as well as other personal and family-related issues and life challenges.

Information and Referrals

We provide information on resources and help available to Singaporeans in need. Through our engagement with the residents, we identify and link them to vital services to support and meet their needs.

Community Work

Project DECK

Apart from outreach and networking efforts with community partners, Project DECK adopts an Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) approach to connect with Sengkang Residents.

We aim to:

Discover - Discovering the desires, skills, talents and passions of the community

Engage - Encouraging residents to engage with their community

Contribute - Contributing to make a difference is a collective effort

Kindle - Re-kindling the kampung spirit within various Sengkang communities


Group Work

Tween's Club @ Sengkang (TCS)

Tween's Club @ Sengkang (TCS) provides academic coaching and mentoring for children between 9 and 12 years old. Conducted on Saturday mornings by volunteers from NTU Welfare Services Club, children receive one-to-one support in their studies and learn life skills through activities that seek to build character and resiliency.

Teen Edge Club (TEC)

Teen Edge Club (TEC) promotes a positive and safe environment where youths between 13 and 17 years old can develop their academic, leadership and social skills. Through age-appropriate mentorships, youth participants are empowered to strengthen their sense of self, social skills and expressions of autonomy.

Youths visiting Walt Disney Singapore

Parenting Talks

Recognising the complexities of modern parenting, Sengkang FSC conducts talks to support parents in learning more about their children's behaviors and to foster positive parent-child relationships.


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