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Thrive Parenting! - Parenting Support Programme

In May 2019, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) has appointed AMKFSC Community Services Ltd. to deliver parenting support services in the regional cluster of Ang Mo Kio and/or Yishun, which aim to empower the families and their children by enhancing parenting capacities and for their children to thrive in lives. 

Parenting Support Services

The parenting support services adopts a regional and multi-disciplinary approach to deliver support services for parents with children aged up to 16 years old in the Ang Mo Kio and Yishun area. We provide preventive and upstream support to parents through evidence-based programmes (EBPs) to enhance parenting capabilities, strengthen parent-child relationships and reduce difficult behaviours amongst children. Parents will be equipped with knowledge, skills and confidence to nurture positive family relationships, through seminars and customized consultations.

Our main objective is to:

  1. Coordinate the delivery of family services from a client-centre perspective
  2. Increase awareness and access to community support network and resources
  3. Provide convenience for targeted families with multiple needs by offering holistic support services to them

There are currently two EBPs: Positive Parenting Programme (“Triple P”) and Signposts Programme.

Triple P Level 2 Seminar Series

Three seminars of two hours each for parents of primary and secondary school children for parents who are coping well with their children’s needs.

Triple P Level 2 Seminar Series for parents with children up to 12 years old
• Seminar 1: Positive parenting
• Seminar 2: Raising confident, competent children
• Seminar 3: Raising resilient children

Triple P Level 2 Seminar Series for parents with teenagers up to 16 years old
• Seminar 1: Raising responsible teenagers
• Seminar 2: Raising competent teenagers
• Seminar 3: Getting teenagers connected

Triple P Level 3 Individual Consultation

4 one-to-one consultation sessions for parents who may require more help with children who display mild to moderate behavioural difficulties.

Triple P Level 4 Group Work

5 group sessions, followed by 3 phone consultation sessions for parents of children with severe behavioural difficulties who may require targeted, intensive and active parenting training.

Triple P Online (TPOL)

An online programme that allows parents to complete parenting modules independently, in their own time, from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Parents have online access to the programme for 12 months. Triple P Online provides parents with a toolbox of strategies that help them to encourage positive behaviour and to prevent and manage misbehaviour.

Through this interactive course, parents can learn at their own time and pacing, and pick up simple and practical strategies to confidently manage children’s behaviour. The course consists of videos, exercises, tips and activities, suitable for parents of children and teens.

TPOL for Toddlers to Tweens (0-12 years old) : Consisting of 8 modules
TPOL for Pre-teens and Teens (10-16 years old): Consisting of 6 modules

Each module takes around 30 minutes to complete. Parents can save their progress at any point of the module and can complete sessions at their own pace.

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Signposts (for Primary Schools only)
Signposts is an evidence-based programme that equips parents with skills to help them understand, prevent and manage their child’s difficult behaviour through the development of a personalised programme that suits the unique needs of their child. Parents are also taught to develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour. There are 5 weekly in-person groups sessions of 2.5 hours each.

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