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COMNET Senior Service

COMNET Senior Service (COMNET), abbreviated from Community Network, has its humble beginnings from the Befriending Service, initiated in 2007. COMNET's mission is to support vulnerable and low-income seniors to live independently and actively in the community. It aims to empower seniors to seek life satisfaction with the support of community resources.

COMNET operates a total of eight Active Ageing Centres from Sin Ming to Pasir Ris, and a Senior Group Home in Sengkang. These centres are supported by the Community Case Management Service (CCMS) and Community Resource, Engagement and Support Team (CREST).

Seniors enjoying a performance at Esplanade


Active Ageing Centres (AAC)

COMNET's AAC promotes the social-health wellbeing of seniors through social and recreational activities. We encourage seniors to participate in, volunteer with and organise activities of their interest. We also support socially isolated and vulnerable seniors to age well in their own homes and communities through befriending and collaboration with other community partners.

Community Case Management Service (CCMS)

Funded by the Agency of Integrated Care (AIC), CCMS started operations in January 2015. Through the work of case managers (nurses) and social workers, CCMS aims to prevent or delay institutionalisation of frail seniors by delivering holistic care and integrating community-based services to empower seniors to manage their own care with the help of their caregivers and families, encouraging them to maintain their independence.

Senior Group Home

Located in Sengkang, the Senior Group Home @ Rivervale Crescent is an assisted living option for frail seniors with no or poor family support. These seniors co-reside independently in HDB rental flats retrofitted with elder-friendly features. This enables seniors to continue living in the community by promoting independence and personal responsibility while simultaneously encouraging mutual support amongst residents.

Community Outreach Team 

The Community Outreach Team (CREST) focuses on raising public awareness of mental health conditions and dementia, promotes early recognition of at-risk individuals, provides emotional support to individuals and their caregivers, and links them up with relevant health and social care services when the need arises. 



The Good-To-Go (GTG) programme  is designed to encourage seniors aged 50 and above to engage in conversations on life and death with an open mind, and to normalise discussions surrounding these matters. The programme comprises awareness talks that introduce early planning tools, as well as groupwork sessions for seniors to embark on a journey of self-exploration through various conversations, activities, and partnerships.

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