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Oftentimes, we tend to refrain from talking about dying due to cultural taboos. But what if discussing about death can actually enrich our lives? After all, life is unpredictable – as such, pre-planning can be a way of helping to alleviate stress and tension not just for ourselves, but also for our loved ones, so they can better understand our beliefs and preferences on matters such as personal care, finances, and after-life arrangements.

Good-To-Go (GTG), a programme by COMNET Senior Service under AMKFSC Community Services, is designed to encourage seniors aged 50 and above to engage in conversations on life and death with an open mind, and to normalise discussions surrounding these matters which could be taboo for some.



What’s in store


The programme includes awareness talks introducing early planning tools such as Advance Care Planning (ACP) and Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), as well as groupwork, which comprises 10 sessions, at around 1.5 to 2 hours each. These help provide a platform for seniors to embark on a journey of self-exploration.

Through conversations and activities such as drawing and writing, seniors will delve into topics surrounding their life milestones, bucket lists, life regrets, ideas of a good death, and how they would wish for their funerals to be like.

As part of the sessions, seniors will be treated with a free makeover and photoshoot, which are conducted by volunteer makeup artists and photographers. The Good-To-Go Life Certificate and a printed makeover photograph will be given to seniors at the end of the 10-session programme, at no charge.


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Testimonials from our participants


  • Mdm Ang Mee Lee

    Mdm Ang Mee Lee

    "The talks are helpful in building awareness about early planning tools. People should keep an open mind and plan early, instead of being 'pantang'."
  • Mdm Seow Gek Hong

    Mdm Seow Gek Hong

    "Through drawing and writing during the groupwork sessions, my thinking was sharpened and imagination was stimulated, which helped me document my life experiences and review my bucket lists better."
  • Mdm Koh Ang Moy

    Mdm Koh Ang Moy

    "The Good-To-Go Groupwork programme helped me to gain valuable knowledge and reflect better on how to plan for my future and funeral."
  • Mdm Chew Chun Peng

    Mdm Chew Chun Peng

    "I am very happy and thankful for the opportunity to be able to experience a makeover and photoshoot session!"


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