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Assistant Senior Social Worker, Families for Life @ Community

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Families for Life @ Community

Assistant Senior Social Worker


Families for Life @ Community

About The Role

Families for Life @ Community brings together a range of marriage and parenting programmes that are evidence-based and research-driven. As an Assistant Senior Social Worker with Families for Life @ Community, your responsibilities include:

  • Conducting talks, workshops and programmes for parents, grandparents and couples
  • Supporting in outreach and engagement efforts with relevant stakeholders (i.e. school leaders and teachers, community partners and religious organisations) to promote the importance of family life education
  • Contributing to the planning, development and evaluation of programmes
  • Having the flexibility to work outside of office hours (ie. weeknights and weekends)

Candidate Requirements

Technical Competencies:

  • Bachelor’s degree in social work, Psychology, Counselling, Sociology or related fields
  • Trained and accredited in Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) Level 2 and 3 and/or Signposts Groupwork
  • Able to conduct large group seminars and groupwork sessions effectively

Core Competencies:

  • Have at least 5 years of experience in family life education (ie. parenting and marriage counselling, groupwork experience)
  • Be proficient in English and preferably in Mandarin, Malay or Tamil
  • Good interpersonal, communication, written and teamwork skills

Preferred achievements / characteristics:

  • Good analytical skills
  • Passionate in working with families, especially parents, grandparents and young couples


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