MindCare is a community mental health service within AMKFSC. MindCare aims to respond to the increasing needs for community mental health support. Our team of helping professionals in the community seek to promote mental health resiliency among the clients we serve. Our service is open to all residents residing within Ang Mo Kio, Sin Ming, Bishan, Sengkang and Punggol estates.

MindCare provides the following services:

  • Assessment & Screening of mental health issues
  • Psychoeducation for clients and caregivers
  • Case management
  • Psychological support
  • Counselling
  • Group therapy
  • Caregiver support
  • Referral to mental health services
  • Consultation
  • Training


With a supportive approach, MindCare helps you to explore your experience of the situations that are affecting you and your family. You will be encouraged to move beyond what is hindering you and take the steps required to create lasting changes. We invite you to contact us now and start focusing your energy on improving the quality of your life.


At AMKFSC MindCare, we work closely with our relevant health care partners to deliver seamless care to both our clients and their families.


#imOKru, which stands for “I’m okay, are you?”, is a movement aimed to create a socially-inclusive society for persons with mental health issues (PMHI) through meaningful conversations and affirmative actions. These may be done through various platforms, such as the #imOKru mobile App, website, events, collaborations with community mental health agencies, and outreach to schools, corporates and the public.

Meaningful Conversations

The movement encourages people to initiate conversations regardless of the conditions they have. This simple greeting may act as a good preventive measure by promoting social interaction and expressing concern towards each other’s welfare. People with or without mental health issues will be able to share how they feel and call for help.

Affirmative Actions

People may show their support for PMHI by participating in the movement. They may do so by donning the #imOKru t-shirt or tote bags, sharing the #imOKru mobile application, sharing their stories and videos, participating in events relating to mental health and volunteering as Mental Health Ambassadors to befriend PMHI in their journey to recovery.

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